Whether it is help with dog behaviour, dog obedience, dog training, puppy training, dog rescue, assistance, canine behaviour or canine obedience, if you are seeking harmony in your home, success in competition or training dogs for specific roles, know that you can succeed by adopting the work of the original Dog Listener Jan Fennell.

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A Happy Easter For Our Dogs Too! by Jan fennell

With Easter, the season of the day trip and short breaks has arrived and last Sunday I went to a brilliant event, which had a large number of visitors enjoying all that was on offer. The weather was sunny with a slightly chilly wind and I noticed how many of the dogs that accompanied their participating owners just curled up on their blankets, ignoring the crowds and sleeping through.I was very happy to see that most of these dogs, for who this was part of their normal life, were mostly located beside the tents which in turn were behind demonstrations and stalls, basically; well away from people…

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If you are considering giving a home to one of these loving and loyal animals, then please visit a rescue centre near you. Some centres may not appear exactly "state of the art" but if they ask you all the right questions, to make sure you are suitable for the dog, rather than the other way round, and insist on home visit, you've gone to the right place and you will find the teams there dedicated and caring. Taking in a rescue dog is an area where, traditionally, most people predict difficulties, when the truth is that this usually proves the most rewarding and wonderful relationship possible…

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